2 Series: Service aspects ("stage 1")

Principles of telecommunication services supported by a GSM Public Land Mobile Network(PLMN)
Bearer Services (BS) Supported by a GSM Public Land Mobile Network (PLMN)
Teleservices Supported by a GSM Public Land Mobile Network (PLMN)
General on Supplementary Services
Types of Mobile Stations (MS)
Types of Mobile Stations (MS) - DCS 1800
Mobile Station (MS) Features
Security aspects
Service accessibility
Service accessibility (DCS 1800)
International Mobile Station Equipment Identities (IMEI)
Subscriber Identity Module (SIM); Functional characteristics
Subscriber Identity Module Application Programming Interface (SIM API); Stage 1
Collection charges
Stage 1 for personalisation of GSM ME
Description of Charge Advice Information (CAI)
Man-machine Interface (MMI) of the Mobile Station (MS)
Fraud Information Gathering System (FIGS); Service description; Stage 1
Immediate Service Termination (IST); Service description; Stage 1
Lawful Interception (LI); Stage 1
High Speed Circuit Switched Data (HSCSD); Stage 1
Procedures for call progress Indications
Operator Determined Barring (ODB)
Network Identity and Timezone (NITZ); Service Description, Stage 1
Support of Localised Service Area (SoLSA); Service description; Stage 1
Security mechanisms for the SIM Application Toolkit; Stage 1
Tandem Free Operation (TFO); Service description; Stage 1
GSM Cordless Telephony System (CTS), Phase 1; Service description; Stage 1
Mobile Station Application Execution Environment (MExE) Service description Stage 1
General Packet Radio Service Stage 1 Description
Packet Data on Signalling channels Service (PDS)
⇒ Stage 1
Support of Mobile Number Portability (MNP); Service description; Stage 1
Enhanced Multi-Level Precedence and Pre-emption Service (eMLPP); Stage 1
Voice Group Call Service (VGCS); Stage 1
Voice Broadcast Service (VBS); Stage 1
Location Services (LCS); Stage 1
Call Deflection Service description; Stage 1
Noise Suppression for the AMR
Customized Applications for Mobile network Enhanced Logic (CAMEL); Service definition (Stage 1)
Support of Optimal Routeing (SOR); Service definition (Stage 1)
Line Identification Supplementary Services; Stage 1
Call Forwarding (CF) Supplementary Services; Stage 1
Call Waiting (CW) and Call Hold (HOLD) Supplementary Services; Stage 1
MultiParty (MPTY) Supplementary Services; Stage 1
Closed User Group (CUG) Supplementary Services; Stage 1
Advice of Charge (AoC) Supplementary Services; Stage 1
User-to-User Signalling (UUS) Service Description; Stage 1
Call Barring (CB) Supplementary Services; Stage 1
Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD); Stage 1
Explicit Call Transfer (ECT)
Completion of Calls to Busy Subcriber (CCBS) Service Description; Stage 1
Support of Private Numbering Plan (SPNP); Service description; Stage 1
Name Identification Supplementary Services; Stage 1
Multiple Subscriber Profile (MSP) Phase 1; Service description; Stage 1